Strawberry breakfast -Mansikkainen aamiainen

As you have probably noticed I am a rather health conscious person. I  love healthy food, it makes me feel better and it is like the whole body is thanking me for giving nutritious meals. My current favourite breakfast is something very simple, quick but tasty. It is dairy free but has lots of nuts in it to get good fats and enough energy to take me to the lunch time.


I use my favourite muesli AXA’s Glorious in my breakfast bowl. Glorious is a Swedish muesli, so tasty, so healthy and so good. I am so addicted to it that I carry it in my suitcases from Finland. If Brits knew this muesli they would die for it, it is super amazing! I don’t know what I will do in Australia without it, I probably will need to start mixing my own muesli to imitate this Glorious morning muesli I am so used to.

AXA_Glorious_Premium muesliI simply pour 100ml of oat milk  into the bottom of the bowl, then I add lots of Glorious muesli on top and I decorate it with lots of thinly sliced strawberry pieces. Yummy!

I warmly recommend. Healthy, nutritious and filling.


I hope you all have had a great Friday!