Fox and Grapes pub in Wimblendon -Fox and Grapes pubi Wimbledonissa

Before we went to to see tennis last summer we obviously needed a feed, a good feed. My husband and I did lots of investigation about the pubs nearby the grounds. In the end we did not end up going anywhere near but to the place that has gotten the best reviews. Here comes a fantastic pub tip if you do a day trip to Wimbledon. The pub is called Fox and Grapes. It is situated in the most gorgeus old house, it is outside of the centre of Wimbledon so you really need to commit to go there either by bus (a quick couple of stops) or by car. Food is worth it, it is extremely tasty. The chef if French so it is hard to go wrong.

fox and grapes

The best thing in this pub is that during the Wibledon tennis tournament they have a huge screen in the bar side of the pub and you can watch tennis and sip champagne indoors if it is raining outside and you want to watch a centre court game somewhere with the atmosphere.

My husband ordered mussles. Super tasty. All mussles were big, juicy and shells open.


I ordered Ploughman’s lunch just to be funny for change.


Food was so well presented and flavoursome. The chutney was delicious and so was the pâté. I am extremely picky with pâtés, they can be awfully fatty and grose or tasty, meaty and juicy, this was the latter one.

When eating out I always go for dessert, I hardly ever manage to finish them but I always want to try. Desserts are something that I quite often get disappointed with. The selection in Fox and Grapes was great and I ended up going for black coffee and sweet chocolate finish. The home made ice cream was heavenly!


If you have not tried this place, go and do a day trip to Wimbledon!