Ladylike Pork in Cognac

This is the recipe I developed myself keeping mind what would be nice to serve at dark Finnish winter nights. I wanted to have a piquant and smooth flavour of cognac combined with sweet and soft prunes. Cream makes the sauce even smoothier. I chose to use pork because its flavour isn’t too dominating and it is a meat that goes amazingly well with prunes.

(4 servings)

4 pork fillets

1 package prunes (150-200g)

3-4 tbsp cognac

1 onion

2 dl cream (or light cream)

1/2 meat stock cube

1 1/2 dl water

Put prunes,  water and cognac in a small bowl and let it rest half an hour before cooking so that the prunes absorb some liquid. Cut the onions. Cook the fillets and put them on a plate for wait. Brown the onions, add the cream, pork fillets, prunes, some of the water-cognac mixture (depending on how much of a cognac taste you prefer) and the meat stock cube. Let it cook in a low temperature for half an hour so that all the flavours combine nicely and smoothly. Serve it with veggies, rice or both of them.

Prunes in Meringuecream -Toast for Finnish White Winter

This is one of my favourites of wintertime desserts. It gives the flavour of Finnish Christmas cookies combined with punch prunes, white snowflakelike meringue and fresh youghurtcream.

2 dl prunes

1dl punch

1 dl water


1 1/2 dl of cream

1 jar (150g) Bulgarian youghurt (thick sour natural youghurt)

(2-3 tbsp lemon juice)

christmas cookies


1 egg white

1/2 dl white sugar

1/2 tbsp lemon juice

Make meringue well beforehand (or buy it ready). Whisk the egg white, sugar and lemon juice. Place it on a baking tray. If you cook it by yourself remember to bake it for a long time in low temperature, approximately 100c degrees.

This dessert is served individually in cups.

Cut the prunes into small cubes. Put the prunes, punch, water and lemon juice into a sauce pan, cook for 5 min until the prunes turn soft. Let it cool for a while. Whip the cream and mix it with the youghurt and lemon juice. Crush the christmas cookies and put them in the bottom of the cup. Make layers by using crushed cookies, prunemixture and creamyoghurt. On the top of the dessert sprinkle some crushed meringues.

This dessert is not too sweet, but such a lovely wintertime surprise for dessert!