Squid and king prawn linguine-Mustekala-rapupasta

I finally got this recipe here. I made super delicious seafood pasta last week and thought I’d share the recipe with you. Simple, quick and so tasty.

I have some weird pasta phase going on at the moment and we have had various delicious pastas for dinners for the past couple of weeks. I guess now when I am at home with our daughter I walk so much outdoors that I feel super hungry in the evenings! Pasta is the perfect cure for that kind of hunger.


Cook and enjoy!

olive oil

1 onion

2-3 garlic cloves

180ml (one small bottle) dry white wine

400ml water

1 cube of chicken stock (I used Knorr)

150g squid rings

150g king prawns

2 tbsp choppend fresh parsley


1. Dice the onion finely. Add onion and crushed garlic to the wok with a bit of olive oil. Cook until golden brown.

2. Add wine and let it boil/simmer for five minutes to boil the alcohol away.

3. Add water and chicken stock cube. Cook in low heat such as the sauce simmers and reduces a bit.

4. Start cooking linguine in a separate sauce pan. You want to add squid and prawns to the sauce at the last minute so that they won’t become chewy!

5. When linguine is 3 minutes away to be ready add squid and prawns to the sauce and add parsley too. Let it simmer for those 3-4 minutes.

6. Drain the linguine.

7. Serve the pasta with the sauce.

Super good!

King prawn-red pepper pasta – Katkarapu-paprika pasta


As I have mentioned several times I absolutely love seafood. That is why I feel very lucky of my husband coming from Queensland Australia as when we travel there I can always enjoy the most amazing seafood that the Great Barrier Reef and Australian tropics can offer. I cannot believe how big king prawns and scallops are over there, they are huge, flavoursome and so fresh that I could not imagine anything better. I have also tried to educate myself to become familiar with the different type of fish they have over there. As funny as it is some of the fish have European names but are totally different fish.. I guess the first Europeans who immigrated in Australia run out of names and thought they would name the fish with the familiar names they used to grow up with :)! So do not get confused if the fish you order over there whilst having the same name is something totally different! Anyway I hope you enjoy this simple prawn pasta recipe, it is a perfect dish to cook after the working day as it won’t take much time or effort but still tastes good.

For 2-3 people:
1 onion
1-2 garlic cloves
1 spring onion
150-200g king prawns
50ml white wine
1-2tbsp chopped dill
3tbsp eggplant pepper paste (see the recipe below)
100ml soy cream
150-200g pasta ( I used corn-rice pasta to make it gluten free)
3tbsp olive oil
juice of half of the lemon
black pepper, salt, paprika

Eggplant-red pepper paste:

1 eggplant

1 big red pepper

1. Bake the eggplant and red pepper cubes in the oven in 200 celsius degrees for half an hour until soft and a bit brownish.

2. Blend the cubes to get the smooth paste.

3. Use in any cooking or spice it up with some salt and black pepper and use on the top of the bread.

Prawn pasta instructions:

1. Cook pasta.

2. Cook the onions until golden, add king prawns and white wine and let it boil for a couple of minutes (not too long as otherwise prawns become chewy!).

3. Add eggplant-rep pepper paste. dill and soy cream.

4. Add the pasta, spices, juice of half of the lemon and olive oil.

Serve and enjoy! Home made, fresh and so irresistibly  good!

White wine always compliments this dish. For those who live in England I can recommend a good every day wine that is -I think- rather exceptional price -quality wine: Calvet Prestige Sauvignon Semillon. Be aware of not getting ripped off. In Ocado this wine is £11.99 but for example Morrisons has it quite often reduced to £6-8 and so does Sainsbury’s. I quite often hunt these offers and buy many bottles at once as this wine is definitely worth that £11.99 in flavour and good to serve in casual house parties when friends are visiting:)

white wine

Fried squid with salsa -Paistettu mustekala salsalla

Like I mentioned in my previous post I got very excited after having the amazing culinary pub lunch on Saturday. From the pub we walked straight to our huge local supermarket that has a fantastic fishmonger in it and I went and bought the whole squid! I know, pretty extravagant, but I felt like it plus I had never cooked squid before. My first attempt went pretty well in fact and I was rather proud of myself in the end. I sliced the squid I fried it and I served it with mango salsa.

Kuten mainitsinkin edellisessä blogipostauksessani, innostuin lauantain ihanasta kulinaarisesta pubilounaasta niin paljon, että kävelimme rakkaan aussimieheni kanssa pubista suraan lähimpään ruokakauppaan (jossa on muuten aivan uskomattoman monipuolinen kalatiski) ja ostimme kokonaisen mustekalan. Tiedän, se oli hieman hullu tempaus, mutta mieleni teki valmistaa mustekalaa, sillä en ole sitä koskaan aikaisemmin tehnyt. Päädyin siis paistamaan mustekalaa ja tarjoilin sen magosalsan kanssa.


The whole squid. Kokonainen mustekala.

First you need to gut the squid. You just simply pull the inside of it out but watch out the ink. If you go on too hard you will end up with black ink everywhere. After removing the guts you peal the actual skin such as the flesh is white in colour and smooth. Then you cut it into the slices that you want to serve it in, you can do rings or squares. I did squares with pineapple cut. Pineapple cut looks very pretty after grilling or frying as the skin gets nice decoration on it.


Mustekalan perkaaminen on hyvin yksinkertaista. Ensin vedät lonkeroista niin, että sisälmykset tulevat ulos. Tee tämä hellävaraisesti sillä mustekalan mustetankki on sen sisällä. Jos olet liian kovakourainen päädyt levittämään mustetta kaikkialle. Pienenä välihuomautuksenä muuten, tiesittekö, että osa fine dining ravintoloista käyttää musteen kastikkeen mausteeksi ja värjäämiseksi -mielenkiintoista! Joka tapauksessa, kun olet poistanut sisälmykset, kuori uloin nahkaosa pois, jotta jäljelle jää kaunis vaalea liha. Voit leikata mustekalan joko renkaiksi tai neliön muotoisiksi palasiksi ja tehdä neliöihin ananasviillot ristiin rastiin. Tämä antaa kauniin koristekuvion kun mustekala grillataan tai paistetaan (katso kuva yllä).


Gutted and cleaned squid ready for spicing. Perattu ja puhdistettu mustekala valmiina maustamiseen.

For the squid:

3 cloves of garlic (squeezed in)

1 tsp onion granules

1 tsp salt

1 tsp paprika

hint of black pepper

1. Mix the spices with the squid and fry.

2. Use a lot of oil, so shallow fry the squid to get the best result.

3. After frying, dry the pieces on the kitchen towel.


3 valkosipulin kynttä

1 tl sipulijauhe

1 tl paprikajauhe

1tl suola


1. Sekoita mausteet ja paista mustekala runsaassa öljyssä.

2. Kuivaa öljy pois levittämällä paistetut mustekalapalat paperin päälle.



100g mangoes finely chopped (pineapples go perfectly too, in fact could be even better!)

1 red onion finely chopped

1/2 red capsicum finely chopped

5cm piece of cucumber finely chopped

juice of one lime squeezed in

1/2 tsp coriander ( I used the spice but fresh one -maybe 1-2 tbsp chopped- would be better)

1 tbs sweet chilli sauce

(1 tbs balsamico optional)

hint of black pepper

1. Mix the ingredients together.

100g mangoa (myös ananas käy, itse asiassa sopii loistavasti mustekalan kanssa!!!)

1 punasipuli

5cm pala kurkkua

1/2 punainen paprika

1 limen mehu puristettuna

1/2 tl korianteri maustetta (1-2 rkl tuoretta korianteria on parempi!)

1 rkl makeaa chilikastiketta


hieman balsamicoa (ei pakollinen)

1. Pilko ainesosat hienoksi silpuksi ja sekoita yhteen.


I served the fried squid on the top of salsa with a tiny bit of chilli jam on top.

It was super tasty! Enjoy!

Tarjoilin paistetun mustekalan salsan päällä ja koristeeksi ja mauksi lisäsin hieman chilihilloa. Jam! Oli niin herkullista! Nauti!

Vol Au Vent -Feuilletés Aux Fruits De Mer

Vol au vents are one of my specialities. If I know that someone who really appreciates good food is coming for a visit, these vol au vents are what I serve. I experienced these lovely seafood treasures during my time in France. One can modify the recipe by using different fillings and sauces. In Strasbourg where I did my student exchange, these seafood vol au vents were served as starters at the STUDENT RESTAURANT! Believe it or not but these kind of delicious treats were only considered starters in there then came the main course and dessert too…by only 3,5 euros. A little bit different from Finland if I’d say so.

The first time I promised to cook for my dear Aussie man, I made these seafood vol au vents. He said that I tricked him by serving these kinds of delicious small gourmet snacks. I reckon one could say that the pleasant and delectable flavour of vol au vents really does put a spell on its eater. My dear Aussie man keeps on asking me to cook this starter again and again. They are one of his favourite of all (even though he has many many other favourites). The nice texture of puff pastry goes so well with seafood that it surprises me every time. These are best served as starters or nice snacks with drinks. They also look fancier than they actually are, but this is the thing that you never tell your friends and guests!


Cut puff pastry into squares. Take half of them and cut a round circle in the middle of the squares. You can use for example small espresso cup to make the round hole in the middle of the squares. Set the squares with the holes as hats on the rest of the squares. Seal them by squeezing them well together. Brush them with egg to make them shiny in the oven. Cook them for 20 min in 175-200 degrees.

SEAFOOD SAUCE for vol au vent

2 onions

2 1/2 dl chicken/fish stock

2 dl white wine

200g seafood mixture (mussels, prawns, squids, surimi=crab sticks)

1-2 dl cream (depending on how creamy flavour you want)

1-2 tbs lemon zest

2-4 tbs white flour or Maizena

salt and black pepper

1. Cook the onions at first.

2. Add the chicken stock and white wine and bring it to boil.

3.Add seafood mixture, then cream and lemon.

4. Don’t cook the sauce for too long otherwise seafood comes chewy. Add salt and pepper in the end and if you want the sauce to become thicker add a few spoonfull of flour or Maizena to get it thicker. Pour the sauce in the middle of vol au vents! ENJOY! White wine is the bomb with this dish!

Creamy Sea Food Risotto

This recipe saves my day quite often. I love seafood and so does my Aussie man. I also love creamy risotto. To combine these two favourites I created this seafood ristotto that I have served for our friends too. This risotto is difficult to blow. The secret of a good risotto is wine, in this case white wine. It creates the real Italian flavour that is hard to catch in any other way.

2-4 cloves of garlic

1 big onion

2-3 tbs fresh thyme (if you use dry one add only 1-2 tsp)

1/2 dl grated cheese (the best choice is Parmesan)

2-3 dl of white wine

3-4 dl chicken  stock

3dl Arborio (risotto rice)

2 dl vegetables (frozen mix goes as well)

200g frozen seafood mix /or 100g frozen mussels, few crushed frozen squids, 100g frozen prawns

3-4 surimi sticks

30g butter

2 dl cream (or light cream 15%)

salt and black pepper

1. Cook and glaze the onions in a saucepan.

2. Add the rice and cook them for a while.

3. Pour 1 1/2 dl of chicken stock and simmer the rice in low temperature.

4. Add 1 1/2 dl of white wine and keep on stiring. When the liquid has  vaporized add 1 1/2 dl of chicken stock and 1 dl of cream. Add also thyme (chopped fresh thyme), salt and black pepper.

5. When teh rice starts to be cooked add seafood mix, cut surimi stick cubes and frozen vegetables. Add also the rest of the cream,  grated cheese -Parmesan- a bit of white wine and a few spoonful of butter.

6. Try it and add some salt and pepper if needed.

Enjoy this lovely risotto with some white wine -Sylvaner for exmple. You can also make some variation by adding tomato paste to get tomatoy flavour or use crunchy parma/serrano ham instead of seafood. The last one is a good tip. Grill parma ham in the oven and in the end sprinkle it on the top of the risotto. Yummy!

Finnish-Swedish Gourmet Prawn Toasts

This small appetizer goes well with champagne, sparkling wine or white wine. The secret is the size of these toasts. Small 5cm x 5m slices of toasts with creamy prawn filling look delicious and are easy to serve and eat.

4 servings

4 toasts of white bread

75-100g Creme Fraiche

2-3 tbsp mayonnaise

1 1/2 dl big prawns

1 lemon,


Mix the creme fraiche, mayonnaise, prawns, juice of half an lemon and dill crushed and cut with scissors. Cut the other half of the lemon into nice small slices for decoration. Toast the slices of bread. Cut every bread into four squares, that is a serving per person. Set the four squares on a plate pour some filling on them, decorate with few slices of lemon and serve them. Tasty, fast and looks beautiful!