Minttusuklaa fudge -Mint Chocolate Fudge recipe

Lupailin herkullista fudge (toffee) reseptiä. Töissä eräs kollegoistani toi töihin mitä ihaninta fudgea joten kysyin reseptiä ja tein fudgea, kun kaverit tulivat kylään muutama viikonloppu sitten. Oli kyllä herkullista ja päätin, että teen toistekin. Vaikka taloutemme on melkoisen maidoton ja munaton nykyään, teen aina ajoittain poikkeuksia ja tässä yksi niistä. Lisäksi resepti on niin helppo ja nopea, että se sopii juuri täydellisesti tällaisen kiireisen äidin elämään. Ennen reseptiä halusin postata muutaman kuvan aivan ihanasta mekosta jonka ostin. Mekko on 100% silkkiä ja niin mukava päällä. Se on yhdestä lempikaupostani täällä nimeltä Trenery.




100g voita

395g (1 purkki) kondensoitua maitoa

2 1/2dl ruskeaa sokeria (ei fariinia vaan ruskeaa sokeria)

2rkl vaalea leivontasiirappia

180g tummaa suklaata

1 tl piparminttuesanssia

1.Laita voi, kondensoitu maito, sokeri ja vaalea siirappi kattilaan. Kuumenna (ei kiehuta) ja keitä noin 10-15min kunnes seos sakenee toffeeksi.

2. Kun seos on paksua, lisää nopeasti suklaa ja piparminttu seokseen. Sekoita tasaisksi ja laita leivinpaperilla vuorattuun astiaan.

3. Anna jäähtyä ja kovettua jääkaapissa n. 2h.

4. Tarjoile! On herkullista kahvin kanssa pienenä herkullisena jälkiruokana.

I promised a recipe of the amazing mint chocolate fudge. It is super simple and quick but tastes heavenly. In fact the perfect dessert after the BBQ when people are not very hungry but carve for something small for dessert. I served this when we had the Footy Grand Final party. Everyone loved it! Above a couple of photos of my recent purchase from Trenery, a maxi dress, 100% silk and feels fantastic. Perfect for hot Melbourne summer days.

100 butter

2tbs golden syrup

395g condensed milk

1 1/3 brown sugar

180g dark chocolate

1tsp peppermint essence

1.Put butter, condensed milk, golden syrup and brown sugar into the sauce pan and cook (do not boil) for 10-15min until the mixture thickens.

2. When the mixture is thick add chocolate and peppermint essence and mix until smooth.

3. When the mixture is thick and smooth pour it into the tray covered in baking paper. Put the tray into the fridge and let it sit for 2h until ready for serving.

4. Yum!

Back to Singapore for a bit…

Like I mentioned before Singapore was amazing. So amazing that I could imagine to live there at some point of our lives. I love the smell and feel of tropical air believe it or not, I don’t have Polar Circle genes for some reason. I loved the humidity in t the air and the burning heat. As Singapore was so great I would like to share some tips here.

Accommodation first. There are plenty of options of course and pretty high end like everything in Singapore. We stayed in a lovely one bedroom apartment in Pan Pacific. With our allergic child hotel rooms just won’t work for us as we need to be able to cook all the meals for her so it is always a lot more planning involved when traveling. Pan Pacific was fantastic. Super child friendly, modern Scandi decor, amazing aircon, great breakfast, infinity pool on the 21st floor and the perfect location. View to the harbour was stunning!


We stayed near the Arab quarter. It is a cool, artsy and stylish area. Lots of small boutiques and bars. If I did not have a child I would have been going out there every evening. Jazz bars and middle eastern cuisine! Fantastic.


One must do thing in Singapore is the Raffles hotel. Like I mentioned in my previous post this is a colonial hotel, super fancy, great courtyard for drinks. Drinks are super expensive but the place is worth a visit. Most of the people are there drinking Singapore sling cocktails as they are the Singapore classic. As I am not a big fan of cocktails I ordered some white wine.



We met Santa there too, which our daughter loved. She got even a decorated gingerbread as a gift but could not obviously eat it as it had all the deadly ingredients in it.


Another great place is a water park for toddlers and kids. It is in the area called Gardens by the Bay. The whole area is a huge tropical garden, super impressive and extremely child friendly! Our daughter did not want to leave this water fountain park as you can imagine.


You get also amazing views of the Singapore landmark Marina Bay Sands hotel. My husband was looking for us to stay there but they only had hotel rooms not apartments so did not work for us this time. It is an architectural miracle as you can see in the pictures above and below. The big boat like structure stays on the three poles that consist the hotel -unreal! It is huge too!


Beneath this Marina Bay Sands there is a huge shopping mall that is worth visiting. All the luxury brands are represented including a three floor Chanel store: men’s fashion, women’s fashion and make up all in separate floors!


We ate lots of quick noodles in the malls during this trip and they were better than any noodles in the best noodle bars in London or elsewhere I have been to. One evening I had this phenomenally good vegetarian dry noodle dish. It was so tasty that I went and ordered it again on the next day! I know, quite boring of me but it was too good to leave as one off thing…


Today we head to Brisbane city and I hope to take some beautiful shots of the town and the river. I hope you have a great day too!

Snake prints and shades of grey – Käärmeprinttejä ja harmaan sävyjä

Within the past month I have fallen in love with the grey snake printed clothes that I recently bought. I often laugh at myself. When I find something super nice I wear it all the time until I get bored of looking the same every day, same applies to jewellery. I carried so many clothes with me to Finland but when I found the perfect ”snake shirt” I pretty much wore it as much as I could.

I have two different snake printed shirts, both of them I actually bought in Finland. The one is more like a top without sleeves, perfect under the jacket or for warm Autumn days, the other is a see through long sleeve shirt, super comfortable and relaxed. I like to combine those shirts either with other shades of grey, peachy pink or white.


In Finland I wore the see through shirt with white pants. I quite like the combination, in general I think grey and white go so well together. I am not normally very fond of grey but with white, peachy light pink or different shades of grey it looks more like me.

Back in London I wore the snake printed top with a grey jacket and black jeans skirt.


I also found perfect autumn shoes during my trip to Finland.


I love the golden studs, kind of a sophisticated cowgirl look! Works with jeans or with skirts!

I also got my nails done with greyish navy blue colour as it seems to be the perfect dark shade for this Autumn, it goes well with anything really. I have previously advertised Loreta Jag in Knightbridge that is an amazing beauty salon. The problem with Loreta Jag for me is that it is totally on the other side of the town and so far to go to in the weekday evenings so recently I have been going to the place nearby Swiss Care. I have two favourite ladies doing my nails there, they do great job and quite quickly too. Loreta Jag is more of a luxury visit as they do one hour full manicure included in the package whereas at Swiss Care I only go for Shellac and some quick manicure. I always go for Shellac (CND) instead of Gelish. I know it is quite personal what suits for you better. I have felt that Shellac stays better on my nails and seems not to cause too much damage on the surface of the nail.


I cannot wait for the weekend. My husband and I have a date, a proper date. Our nanny will come to look after our daughter whilst we can actually have some couple’s time. As London Restaurant Festival is on I booked for us one of the festival menus in L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon is has one Michelin star, it is a multi award winning place and one of the London West End hot spot. Before leaving London I wanted to check out this French restaurant. As the restaurant festival is on you get great deals so I booked us a three course late lunch with matching wines. I cannot wait for eating there. The place has gotten fantastic reviews all over the place. I will post everything about it as soon as I can. Hopefully they allow to take photos of the dishes, some places in London won’t.

Talk to you soon! Have a great Wednesday afternoon!

Banana Republic Marimekko Collection and Yellow Jacket

So long, so sorry.  I really struggle to find time for my blog at the moment. Work is hectic and my baby at the stage of walking and running everywhere which keeps me busy! I had to post this one outfit though. Banana Republic launched a collection with Marimekko -Finnish iconic brand- and as soon as I saw couple of items I had to get them. Almost everything was sold out online but I ran to the store on Regent Street and manage to get what I wanted! One of the purchases was these lovely trousers Marimekko ”Kivi” print.  In addition to Marimekko I have been looking at this yellow jacket in Zara for almost a month now and today I decided I need it, well I didn’t really needed but I wanted it 🙂

We had a wonderful family day in Notting Hill today. Our baby is so sweet and lovely these days and I can warm heartedly say I enjoy every moment of motherhood at the moment. I guess that is why I struggle to find time for my blog as I feel like spending every moment with my little sweetheart. I promise I try to soon get back here with some good recipes. Here some pics of my outfit today.



How beautiful is High Street Kensington and Notting Hill area! One of my favourite parts of London. We found a fantastic pub in Kensington area by the way. It is called Windsor Castle -I recommend it  to everyone. Really high quality food, amazing beer garden and impressive wine selection.



Have a relaxing weekend!

White, camel and navy – Valkoista, kamelia ja sinistä

I love white trousers. I think they spice up the look with blonde hair without many accessories. In London they are however very tricky. It rains a lot all year long so by wearing white you always take a risk of getting rained (and mud) on!

Here is an outfit that I really like, very casual, smart but brightens up the day with white, camel and navy combination. The white bird necklace is my absolute favourite. I bought it in a small design store in Shoreditch.

When I was younger I remember trying to wear as skinny clothes as possible to show my figure. Now it makes me laugh a lot -how silly- as I do prefer a bit more wider cuts these days that do not reveal my body line inch by inch. I still love skinny trousers but with them I think looser shirts look a lot better than too giving ones. This shirt is one of my new favourite and was also a find in sales. It is from the store called Sting.

I have recommended Sting store you before and I do think it is a great one. It has a lot of American street style but also very feminine clothes with unique cuts and unusual features on them. Check it out if you can they have a store at least in London and in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

Here is the look that makes me on Spring time mood!IMG_20140106_141303


IMG_20140106_132613I love the cut of this shirt and the bird necklace compliments the décolleté!

IMG_20140106_141354These camel coloured heels are comfortable but fresh combination with white.


Have a great day! It has been a sunny and Spring like morning here!

Cardigan, cardigan..-Neuletakki, neuletakki

I promised to post some outfit photos as I got very excited about my shopping from Boxing Day sales. It has been exceptionally warm here in England this winter and quite sunny too. After visiting Finland over the Christmas period at the darkest time of the year -this year without snow even- I realised how much lighter it is here and how much less clothes you can actually wear when going outside. When trying this cloth combination on I suddenly noticed I have not even worn these lovely classic black boots all winter as it has been too warm for boots. Sad as I do love these boots!

The older I get the more important the quality of clothes gets. This applies particularly to cardigans and jumpers. I cannot wear bad quality knits anymore, they tickle me, don’t breath or end up being full of knots after one wash. The feel of the knit against the skin is so important. I was very happy to find this cardigan. It has nice small feature laces in front and on the sleeves, the colour is soft beige and the material pleases the skin. I got a bit shocked though when I read from the label that it has rabbit hair in it -yikes- but so be it. Feels soft and lovely anyway!



IMG_20140106_141041I will try to take some outfit photos outside as soon as possible. London weather is just very unpredictable. Just when you get your clothes on and are about to run outside to take a photo it may rain and then be sunny in half an hour time! So unfortunately this time just boring mirror pictures.

PS. You can also see my new phone in the photos. I made a leap to the dark side. I gave up using Apple. I tried Nokia Windows phone in the meantime and was not happy at all so here it is the new Google Nexus 5…and it is awesome! I know it is mainly for geeky boys but hey I can be pretty geeky at times. This phone functions so smoothly, it is actually programmed amazingly well and allows all kind of customisation which I like. The camera is fantastic, you can watch HD movies on it, large variety of apps available with all the newest functionality, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram apps just great and what I like the most it is purely Google based -maps, mail, notes everything so no more hassle to synchronise mail, notes, pics, music etc. All backed up to Google drive. Sorry about the selling speech but this phone is just fantastic! So if you are looking for a new phone have a look at this one, I recommend.