Del Rios Viinitila Mt Anakie-Del Rios Winery Mt Anakie

Olemme käyneet ahkerasti Mornington Peninsulan ja Yarra Valleyn viinitiloissa sekä myös Bellarine peninsulalla. Useimmat viinitilat näillä alueilla ovat korkealuokkaisia, mutta ravintolat myös varsin hienohkoja valkoisine pöytäliinoineen. Eurooppalaiselle ja eritoten Ranskan ja Italian viinitiloihin tottuneelle se on jollain tapaa kovin muodollista. Lisäksi usein petyn viininmaistelussa toimivien viinitietouteen ja myyminen tuntuu olevan se keskeinen tavoite ei viinien esittely ja ylpeys siitä mitä tilalla tuotetaan. Olemmekin siis etsineet sellaista viinitilaa, jossa  olisi enemmän keskieurooppalainen rento tunnelma, hyvää traditionaalista maalaisruokaa sekä ylpeyden tuntu tilalla tuotetusta viinistä.

Viime viikonloppuna eksyimme aivan sattumalta viinitilalle nimeltä Del Rios, Mt Anakie nimisellä alueella Geelongin lähettyvillä. Paikka oli aivan ihana. Omistajat olivat Australiaan muuttaneita Espanjalaisia. Ylpeys viineistä näkyi ja kuului. Viinimaistelu oli runsas ja palvelu hyvin korkeatasoista! Keskeistä oli huomata asiakkaan tykkääävän viinistä ei niinkään ostavan sitä. Ravintolassa oli rento maalaistunnelma ja ruoka oli aivan uskomattoman herkullista perinteistä Espanjalaista ruokaa. Olin aivan innoissani. Tulemme varmasti palaamaan. Ostimme myös kaksi pulloa viiniä sillä rakastin viinien eurooppalaista ”maanmakuista” makua. Tila tuottaa Marsanne valkoviiniä, joka olikin huippuherkullista. Lisäksi punaviinit olivat maittavia ja mieheni mieltyi kovasti Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot sekoitukseen.

Söimme valtavan määrän tapasta!


Klassikko Patatas Pravas -ClassicPatatas Bravas


Kermaiset kuningasravut – King prawns in creamy sauce


Espanjalaiset lihapullat -Spanish meatballs


Wingsit ihanassa kuminakastikkeessa -Chicken Wings in cumin sauce


Maalistunnelmaa… -Rustic Feel

My husband and I have visited Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula wineries a lot, we also have checked out Bellarine Peninsula and today it will be Heathcote area! Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula has a high number of high end places with white table clothes which are nice every now  and then. What quite often disappoints me as a European is the lack of wine knowledge by sales assistants when having the wine tasting and the focus on selling. It seems that the well known European pride of wine production is missing in many wineries here in Victoria. I also miss the rustic feel that you get in France or Italy when touring local wineries at the countryside. In addition to this many Australian wines are very easy drinking and lack that complexity in flavour, that earthiness and taste of each year, the story that they tell. You get that in really old wines here but Australia does produce a lot of easy drinking wine. Being so we have been looking for more rustic winery that would have a  bit more European feel, sense of pride, less  focus on selling. Surprisingly we found this wonderful place at Mt Anakie near Geelong called Del Rios. The winery is owned by Spanish family. When entering the restaurant the home like rustic feel was so tangible. The wine tasting was generous and you could truly sense and feel how proud the owners were about their wine. The old Spanish mama was walking around, chatting with customers and being so warm hearted and welcoming! The wines had that earthy European flavour, some of them relatively complex and interesting flavour. The area is so dry that it impacts on the wine making and each year is very different. They produce fantastic Marsanne white wine and Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend was tasty! We bought two bottles straight away and could have bought more as every one of them was different. We ate lots of Spanish tapas that tasted so rustic and authentic, like being in Spain. They had many classics on the menu like Patatas Bravas, Spanish meatballs and for dessert leche frita which was delightful. All of the tapas was extremely tasty. I warmly recommend to visit this place. It is a surprise in the middle of nowhere and you only go there when you know to go! The place was great for family with kids as it had lots of place to let kids run around. You do need a dedicated driver after tasting 10 different wines!

Paella à la Pia -Paellaa Pian tapaan

ImageI was so excited to try some home made Paella after our summer holidays in Spain.  I knew it would be challenging as I had never tried to make it before and I couldn’t decide which recipe to follow so I thought I would create my own…and believe it or not it was amazing! I read many recipes to get an idea of the best ingredients and spices but in the end I just threw stuff from my head and created this dream Paella! It was actually really easy but took a long time to get perfect. The secret of Paella is to cook the base before seafood for a long time such as the rice gets all the flavours. I started cooking around 5.30pm and Paella was ready in 2h. I think that is the estimate, although most of that time you just let the rice simmer in the liquid.

Try this, I can guarantee it is tasty! My father-in-law loved it and my dear Aussie man was hunting thirds to his plate!

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

30 ml olive oil

3dl (300ml) Arborio rice

185ml (small bottle) dry white wine

1 red pepper

1 small zucchini

600-700ml chicken stock (Knorr jelly one is really good!!!)

3-4 tbs tomato paste

1 tsp paprika

hint of black and white pepper and salt

3-4 tbs sugar (to get tomato flavour sweet)

1/2 lemon

1 pack of seafood mix (squid, mussels and king prawns)

1 pack of prawns in shell (this is not necessary if you don’t want to have prawns to peal you can use another pack of king prawns)

1/2  teaspoon of mixed herbs spice (it has rosemary, thyme, marjoram, basil and parsley in it)

1. Cook the onions and garlic until golden brown.

2. Add the rice and cook for a little while.

3. Add the white wine and bring it to boil and let it simmer until the liquid is gone.

4. Add peppers and zucchini and paprika, black and white pepper and salt and mixed herbs.

5. Add some chicken stock and let it simmer.

6. Add tomato paste and sugar and let it simmer.

7. Slowly add all the chicken stock whilst the rice and other ingredients are simmering. Squeeze the lemon in.

8. When the rice has absorbed all the liquid and is soft mix it and let it cook in a Paella pan (you can use a big wok if you don’t have a paella pan).

9. Just before serving add the seafood and heat it through.

Serve Paella with some nice dry white wine. I had a really tasty French Chardonnay to go with it! A tip for you who live in the UK. Morrison has this amazing Chardonnay in offer at the moment. The normal price is £13.99 reduced to £8.99. This wine is super good. It is Montagny 1er Cru, Cave des Vignerons de Buxy.