Marc by Marc Jacobs Cream Saw Studs

I love Fridays. It is funny now when I am not working I still cannot get my head away from the working life, nowadays every day is weekend for me, still Fridays feel special.

I had a wonderful day today. Early in the morning I went to the centre with my dear daughter. I took her to Selfridges.

Oh have I ever told you how much I love that store, well these days I do, there was a time when I did not. When I came to London as a rather newly graduated student I struggled to find a job, British economy was doing really badly, I had done my PhD for the past 1,5 years and I was still doing my PhD on scholarship in London. I was however worried of not having been worked for a while so I decided to do something. I actually started working at Selfridges. It didn’t last very long, well it lasted long enough for me to understand two things: firstly pure customer service is not for me, secondly serving ”posh” people who think they own the world is not for me. It was a culture shock straight on my face.  I just relocated from a country where the equality is everything. In Finland we don’t have this old fashioned classicism as they do here in England. I am used to treat every human being the same whether poor or rich, young or old, man or woman, CEO or secretary. For me to accept the classicist serving culture in this store was shocking. If I remember right I quit my job after couple of weeks and thought I’d rather be unemployed than serving anyone who thinks the thickness of their check book allows them to treat other people like inferiors! Being so for a while I did not enter Selfridges even though we lived one street behind it in Marylebone, just in principle.  Soon after the Selfridges incident I got a great job and ever since I have been able to do just what I love. I have also become to understand this classicism a lot more. It is horrible and I will never accept it, neither learn to like it, but me rebelling against it won’t make it disappear so I just have to live with it. Of course this is what most of the people here do and nothing changes.

Well anyway back to my day. My daughter loved the windows with all the decorations and we walked throughout the ground floor. She is definitely going to be my best shopping buddy in future. Everything at Selfridges is just presented so beautifully. I love admiring the handbags, they must have almost all the different models there on display.

The actual reason we went there was the Marc Jacobs saw stud earrings I had decided I desperately needed. I happily carried a small bag home!


I have been looking for simple cool studs to wear.


 I instantly fell in love with these studs when I saw them. I bought the cream coloured ones. They are gorgeous.


I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing Friday!

PS. Next post is the Pumpkin pie recipe, I have already written it so will be published tomorrow!