Mount Tambourine, Gold Coast and Noosa

We have had a busy week. First we went to Noosa in Sunshine Coast. We booked a lovely resort package at Outrigger (Little Hastings Street, right in the centre) that included dinner and breakfast too. I personally love Noosa, quite high end, mild waves and the beach just perfect for toddlers to swim and relax on the beach. It is always a good place to stay.


image (17)

After Noosa we drove to Gold Coast to Surfers Paradise and stayed there for couple of nights. It was so great! The ocean was pretty rough for our toddler so we swam mostly in the pool.

image (18)We did a funny day trip to Byron Bay to see hippies and backpackers enjoying their life. We also passed the funny Backpackers Inn that was in the Inbetweeners movie! It was exactly as in the movie, slightly run down and hippy.


I loved this local surf store. Guys having beer at 1pm and just having the time of their life, so laid back!

We also went to the lighthouse. The views were beautiful! The ocean is so green and sky so blue. At the right time of the year you can see humpback whales here.

image (16)

From Gold Coast we drove via Gold Coast hinterland and visited Tambourine Mountain. It was so beautiful, amazing views and just gorgeous rain forest like landscape, humid but fresh. I actually love rainforest and being close to the nature. That is probably the inner Finn in me, we love our summer cottages in the middle of the forest and simple life. It makes me feel like I live properly and life seems so much real and greener than in the city. We found a great little jewel called The Polish Place on the top of the mountain and I want to share this tip with you as it was fantastic. They have a restaurant and coffee shop and cottages for accommodation.

image (14)

The cottages have the most amazing views, in the restaurant they prepare traditional Polish food and the atmosphere is magical. Tamed parrots are sitting on terrace entertaining people and you can see all the way to the ocean. As Finnish food has some similarities with Polish cuisine the smell from the kitchen reminded me from my childhood, Karelian pies in fact. The location was perfect and the ice coffees we drank there were heavenly. I warmly recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a retreat. It is quite a romantic location so I was dreaming of returning there for some love retreat as they call it on the website haha!

image (15)

Past week has been phenomenal! I do love Queensland and I think these couple of weeks have made me realise that after Melbourne I do want to move here. I just love the lifestyle up north. I love swimming, beaches, nature, I cannot wait to go camping with our little one and this relaxed feel of life is so tangible and real. I surprisingly met a Finn in Outrigger resort in Noosa. She started to talk to me when she heard me speaking Finnish to my daughter. She told me she had been here in Brisbane for 6 years now and loves it, she mentioned there is a huge Finnish community here -there must be as there is a Finnish radio here I just listened today!!!!. She also told me she thinks the lifestyle when you can bike to work in 29 degrees when it is sunny is without comparison and I do agree. I will aim for that. Melbourne will be great when our daughter is small and when we want to have more of a continental city vibe but Queensland is great. Like they say in the car plates it is Sunshine state and Tropical state, everything you can possibly dream of. I cannot disagree.