My articles about motherhood in London- Artikkeleitani äitiydestä Lontoossa

Despite my crazy tiredness due to non-sleeping multi allergic baby I have still found some time to contribute to a website that is directed to Finns who are moving to London and looking for information regarding various topics. My articles have all been about pregnancy and motherhood in London. They have been published as a series on website lately.

If you are interested in having a look at them see the links below. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends which way you look at it from) they are all written in Finnish this time 🙂

Raskaus Lontoossa suomalaisen silmin

Kymmenen tärkeintä ohjetta synnytykseen Lontoossa

Synnytys Lontoossa suomalaisen silmin

10 tärkeintä ohjetta vauvanhoitoon Lontoossa