Knitting Norwegian- Neuloen norjalaisneuletta

I have admired Norwegian knitting patterns for a long time and planning to invest in nice authentic wool jumper. A bit over month ago one of my favourite bloggers ”Fisherman’s Wife” (Kalastajan Vaimo) added instructions of a Norwegian knit. I fell in love with the pattern so much that I ran to the store on the same day and started to knit my own.

It is finally ready. After finishing my own jumper I also knitted one for my dear daughter, she got grey and pink coloured one.  I feel knitting has this amazing calming impact. It energises me. I love it.

knitting quote 2

I also love the feeling of finishing something pretty that I have done with my own hands. This is my Norwegian knit, perfect with tights or skinny jeans and so warm too.


The pattern.


Two different knits.


You need round sticks that are size 7 (European), 140 stitches to start with and knit close round. The pattern is below. You need 500g light colour, 400g dark colour. Knit with double yarn to get a thicker yarn. Combine the colours as you like, I loved this blue and light ivory combination. Knit the pattern four times with round sticks, end the knitting.  The sleeves I started from the wrist end (this instruction is from my head by the way..), I created 25 stitches and I added a stitch in the begin and end of every fourth layer approximately until I got 50 stitches. I repeated the pattern four times. I closed the sleeves by using crochet and attached half of the sleeve to the jumper by using crochet. In the end I took all the stitches around the neck and from both half of the sleeves and knitted ”knit one, purl one” for 5cm with round stitches as closed round. My size is UK 8, EU 34-36 so if you are a bigger size just add more stitches.

norjalainen 2

The pattern above is for 12 stitches. It is from Fisherman’s Wife blog. 

I bought Finnish ”Seven Brother’s Wool” (Seitemän Veljeksen lanka, Novita Oy) that is for 4mm sticks. It is 100% wool but quite soft and nice and feels lovely against the skin. As Finnish products usual this yarn is extremely high quality wool and meets the standard of colour proof or how you call it which means that you can wash it in the machine and the colours stay even when light and dark in the same knit.


I hope you liked this post! Something different for change!